About Marion Mulder (MuldiMedia)

**Designing & creating a world I want to live in**

I enjoy helping people and organisations embrace and leverage design thinking and digital technology to make things easier, simpler, better and more fun, so we can focus better on the human factor.

I have been working in the field of digital technology since 1998 and am still fascinated by how digital technology shapes today’s and tomorrows business processes and relationships.

I’ve worked on strategies for and implementations of various ‘emerging techs’ of the days; websites, multi-media cd-roms, intranets, digital workplaces, mobile apps, My/ self-service portals, and more recently chatbots and voice assistants a.k.a. ‘conversational AI’.

I’ve now put my focus on artificial intelligence, virtual & augmented reality, haptics, and ambient technology. And especially discovering what’s possible when we start combining of all these.

At the same time I’m actively exploring AI Ethics and GenderFreeTech, with the aim to better understand how we can ensure that the emerging technologies that we are creating and are shaping the future will create a world that is good and just for everyone.

Besides the technology, I’m actively engaged on the human aspect. This includes as Global Project Manager Diversity & Inclusion at ING (2007-2011), Co-Founder and Board Member of the Workplace Pride Foundation (2006 – 2021), Voorzitter Stichting Gaykrant (2022 – ), Women in Conversational NL, and Women in AI.

With everything I do, Design Thinking is at the heart of it. 

  • From determining the dot on the horizon to practical implementation
  • With people from your organisation and/or professionals from my network
  • Bringing an outside-in perspective
  • Placing people, customers, employees and sustainability at the heart of it all
  • Creating a world we want to live in

I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge, experience, energy and enthusiasm with your organisation or project!

Marion Mulder
Whatsapp: +31642111245