Conversational AI

Looking for someone to help you to develop your chatbot, voice assistant, augmented reality or Artificial Intelligence solution? I’m looking forward to help you!

Examples of things I can help you with

  • An inspirational presentation for your team stakeholders
  • Design thinking workshops to help you figure out what problems you like to solve
  • Sparring partner, guiding you through the process with your own colleagues
  • Prototype and develop solutions with you
  • Make your bot talk smooth; conversation and flow design
  • Interim product manager, product owner or project manager


Examples of my work

KVK digital Assistant
Developing a strategy for the KVK Digital Assistant (Dutch Chamber of Commerce) and implementation of chatbot on the website
How can a digital assistant help visitors of a hospital website? Resulting in transforming the homepage of into a digital assistant. Also showing the assistant within the “My” environment and developing a separate chatbot for employees