Conversational AI

What I love about Conversation Design is the Business (Process) (Re)design that comes with it. 
Putting the user at the center and hiding the organisational complexity by putting that behind the scenes. 
So re-thinking the Value Proposition. And allowing the new value proposition to get off with fresh start, while still having your old processes and systems, and gradually, iteratively improving those over time.
So basically letting it be the catalyst for a (digital) transformation.

I love to facilitate and lead that design process and work with together with the business stakeholders, users and subject matter expert to design the dot on the horizon, value proposition and new user interaction, and carve the path towards that dot on the horizon. And I love designing the desired user interaction flows. 

I’m not the person who that builds the actual interface or chatbot, and I’m not the language expert who optimises the written and spoken interactions. For that I will work with people from your organisation, or bring those skills from my network if so desired.

Examples of things I can help you with

  • An inspirational presentation for your team stakeholders
  • Design thinking workshops to help you figure out what problems you like to solve
  • Sparring partner, guiding you through the process with your own colleagues
  • Prototype and develop solutions with you
  • Interim product manager, product owner or project manager


Examples of my work

KVK digital Assistant
Developing a strategy for the KVK Digital Assistant (Dutch Chamber of Commerce) and implementation of chatbot on the website
How can a digital assistant help visitors of a hospital website? Resulting in transforming the homepage of into a digital assistant. Also showing the assistant within the “My” environment and developing a separate chatbot for employees