Hello from London

Today I flew to London to speak at the LWT 2019 London Summit. I’m a fan of LesbiansWhoTech and I was honoured to be invited to speak at their London event that this year was hosted at the Facebook London office and attracted around 300 women and non-binary people from all over the UK as well as other part of Europe.

My talk was about: A feminist view on chatbots, voice assistants and AI

I’m a big fan of chatbots, voice assistants and AI. So much so I currently only do ‘conversational customer experience’ projects for my customers. 

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At the same time I’m concerned about the effect of most bots getting female personas, gender bias in AI training data and the lack of non-male people in product and development teams.

Why? I will explained that during my 12 minute talk.

The event was fantastic and I made some new friends for ever!