How to lead remote (management) teams

With more and more of us having to work from home in quarantined situations the questions comes up: how do you lead a remote team? My friend Tamara Littleton has been doing this for years and here are some of her tips in a youtube video and podcast. Granted that some of the ‘meet live’ things won’t work if quarantine applies, but something tells me more of us will continue to work remote more often going forward. So lets learn how to do this.


video is from 2017 and gives great insights on how to stay connected


And here is here Recent podcast that goes into detail on how to run remote teams ..

Tamara is CEO of The Social Element, a social media agency that works with global brands and we’ve been using a remote model for 18 years and also Co-Founder of Polpeo a crisis simulation platform that helps prepare companies for crisis.

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Here’s my “help ik moet opeens thuiswerken” blog article

I’ll add more sources as I come across them