Technology for everyone – AI ethics and Bias


We all see the great potential AI is bringing us. But is it really bringing it to everyone? How are we ensuring under-represented groups are included and vulnerable people are protected? What to do when our technology is unintended biased and discriminating against certain groups. And what if the data and AI is correct, but the by-effect of it is that some groups are put at risk? All questions we need to think about when we are advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.

Thursday evening at the #ToonTechTalk I had the pleasure of sharing  what I’ve learned from my work in digital as we’ll as diversity&inclusion, and from following great minds in this field such as Joanna Bryson, Virginia Dignum, Rumman Chowdhury, Juriaan van Diggelen, Valerie Frissen, Catelijne Muller, and many more.

My slides from my talk at #ToonTechTalks on 27 september 2018:


toontechtalks Marion with Wilder Rodrigues