Where to start with your chatbot or AI solution


So you’re looking to start with chatbots and like to know who’s who? Here are some organisation in my network. But of course you can always contact me to guide you too.
Also have a look at my post about “Conversational UIs and Chatbots for Internal Communications

marion@muldimedia.com | +31642111245

DARE Amsterdam

I worked with them on a proof of concept for a eurovision chatbot. Read all about it in this blog: https://medium.com/@jeremy.a.raider/695eea1417b3
Focus on: DARE Amsterdam are a strategic design agency. In 3 to 6 months they help organizations boost their digital experience.
More: http://www.dare.amsterdam


Entopic is the organiser of the chatbot conference (https://www.chatbotconference.nl)
Focus on: Managing and optimizing (UX) copy, video content, images and navigation requires specialized marketing and editorial skills.
More: https://www.entopic.com/english/


OrangeTrail help companies implement enterprise social technology in ways that engage employees and that make them more successful.
Focus on: User interface and adoption
The have a nice set of examples of bots to make your workday easier
More: https://www.orangetrail.com/bots


ChatDirect is a chat-bot solution which can run automatic chat conversations.
Focus on: Chatbot development with microsoft for health care
More: http://www.chatdirect.nl


ITNext are the organiser of the ITnextsummit (https://www.itnextsummit.com) and meetups (https://itnext.io). I was part of the summit chairs and loved the technical content of the conference!
Focus on:  strategic app developer and works for both business to business and consumer solution.
More: http://www.itnext.nl


Meetup on AI related topics
More: https://www.meetup.com/Fraiday/


I worked with IP Soft when I did the Proof of Concept  with their virtual assistant called Amelia for ING Workplace Services.
More: https://www.ipsoft.com/amelia/

IBM watson

More: https://www.ibm.com/watson/

Dialogflow (google)

More: https://dialogflow.com



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