So what do you know about lesbian history?


Through my work with Workplace Pride I have some knowledge about recent history and I’m aware of some lesbian and bi women role models, both in the public eye and in business, but even I don’t know all that much. Most of us know much more about gay men and how the played a part in key moments, but the women who were always there throughout history are somehow erased from our public mind. Luckily there are organisations such as ILHIA an people such as Belinda Dear and Evien Tjabbes who preserve the knowledge and help get it back on the radar.

If there is one thing I’ve learned through being a volunteer and board member at workplace pride, it is that if you are not in the picture, or not visible people won’t know. So I now make an effort to be in pictures at events, and to say yes if people invite me to speak or be on a panel. I hope you do too.

About the event

Lesbian* movement in Europe: past and future

Friday 5 October  2018
17:00 PM – 21:30 PM CEST

This event, organised by ILHIA, Women@WorkplacePride and EL*C, will present the latest research into the past international lesbian* organizing in Europe and beyond.
You will be given a tour of the IHLIA LGBT Heritage archive and during the panel discussion activists from across generations will reflect on the way we have built our movements. How can we learn from the past? What do we need for the future?

After the plenary discussion there will be a performance followed by informal networking and drinks.


  • Tour of the IHLIA archive (limited capacity – please sign up separately)
  • Belinda Dear and Evien Tjabbes will speak about events, festivals and conferences of lesbian women in 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and new EL*C initiatives
  • Performance from LGBT Youth Performance Initiative Amsterdam
  • Drinks and Networking.

For background info, go to the following links:

Post event follow up

As a post-event follow up we’ll be working on preparing our participation at the ELC 12-14 April 2019 in the Ukraine.
Want to be involved? Let me know!


* using the word “lesbian” is part of the political struggle for visibility, empowerment and representation. Therefore, EL*C uses “lesbian*” with an asterisk, so as to include anyone who identifies as lesbian, trans lesbian, intersex, feminist, bi or queer, and all others who identify with lesbian* activism.